The Cats on Hutton Roof was published on September 26th 2005

The Cats on Hutton RoofThis is the third book in Marilyn's biographical quartet about what happened to the cats of Moon Cottage.

In The Cats on Hutton Roof, the author is happily ensconced within the safe haven of Moon Cottage with her husband, his son and their three cats Fannie, Titus and Pushkin. But things happen to enable a dream to come true for Marilyn and her husband, Michael.

As in the earlier books the author combines humour, a little sadness and her own particular brand of enthusiasm while studying the issues raised by cohabiting with felines.

In this book she tackles too the problem of realising a dream only to find that the dream is not necessarily the perfection it was imagined to be. Feline bereavement, reproduction, jealousy, passion, love, laughter, tenderness, wildlife in general and in particular village life in Cumbria are all discussed in Marilyn?s wonderful and much-loved honest style. Above all she reminds us of the truth of why cats matter.