When Peter Warner died of cancer in September 2007 he was survived by a wonderful cat, an Abyssinian, called Blue. The cat Blue used to stand in as model for Peter for the cats that appeared throughout the Moon Cottage books when Peter was unable to have direct access to Fannie, Titus, Pushkin and Gilly.

Blue, Django and Peter Warner

After Peter’s death, his kind neighbours, Richard and Nicole, continued to look after Blue and feed him and nurture him with the intention that when he was ready he would move in next door with them, and although Blue did indeed start to integrate with them and their animals, he still steadfastly refused to leave Peter’s studio and throughout the last five months of his life Blue lived a mainly solitary existence, apparently awaiting Peter’s return.

Blue’s health had recently started to deteriorate, worryingly rapidly, and after further tests at the vet’s it transpired that Blue had a tumour on his liver and so, on 1st March, which would have been Peter’s 69th birthday, Blue was put to sleep.

Blue and the late Django were the two cats that Peter used most as his feline models in recent years, and this picture of Peter, Blue and Django was taken just as The Cats of Moon Cottage was first being published.

Today Blue was laid to rest alongside Django, Oliver, Solo, Emma and Ziggy in Peter's garden. I will for Peter and Blue, and his other loved animals, to be in some way now reunited and at peace.

Here is the obituary of Peter Warner which appeared in The Times.