With the grey skies of Autumn closing down on us, and the westerly gales hurling a blizzard of leaves past the windows - the Coach House Four have pretty much decided "that's it" for going outside.

I have to turf Dilly out in the afternoons, otherwise, being a Bengal, we have noisy nights with her prowling around shouting "Yeow, yeow, yeow" for no reason other than that she is wide awake and so should the rest of us be!

I have a radiator chugging away in my study under a wide cushion-lined windowsill, and the three older cats curl up next to me at my computer, idly watching the birds on the feeder outside.

I recently acquired some wheatfilled draught excluders shaped like snakes, with which I have plugged up the cracks in the windows, and this seems to be much appreciated! Such sensitive souls! Gilly lies at my feet on a large dog bed, like a tiny shiny black labrador. And Pushkin, Titus and Fannie stay sedately hunched over their neatly folded front paws on the windowsill, looking like a couple of dowager duchesses flanking their streamlined consort.

I will add some recent pictures to Flickr.