The gentlest and most courteous of my four cats, my darling little Pushkin, is unwell.

He hasn’t been eating very much and what initially alerted me, he just kept hiding in odd places and generally behaving out of sorts.


I thought at first he was just going through a scaredy-cat phase, Russian Blues are prone to timidity, and often like to be left alone, but as he got thinner I realised it must be more than that. With a sinking heart I took him to my vet, Gerard, who did some tests on him and they came back showing us that he is suffering from chronic renal failure.

Sadly, as everyone who has ever had a cat with this illness knows, there is no cure for it, and it is a matter of luck how advanced the illness is and how long his life expectancy might be.

In two days’ time he is having a further series of tests, which will show us how advanced his illness now is. I have already had to have the conversation about euthanasia but right now he still has a quality of life. He is painfully thin, but since he has been on the renal diet and slow release antibiotics and ace-inhibitors his appetite has improved a little, so fingers crossed.

I would love to hear from others out there who have nursed their cats through renal failure, so do message me if you have the time.