I took Pushkin to see Gerard, my wonderful vet, yesterday afternoon and after his examination he gave me some great news, which is that the lad is doing well.

Although his urea is up (not good) since it was last tested, his creatinine levels are normal and much lower than before. In other words his renal failure is taking its toll, but it’s chronic rather than acute and his quality of life remains good. He spends long hours in the garden and the field behind us and from time to time, he even chases Gilly, which is excellent on all counts and she loves it!

With the help of some of you who have been in touch with me, I have now found a food that he will eat. (He went off his renal diet some time ago needless to say.) Anyway right now he is eating Applaws sachets of fish, and he seems to love it and has even put on a little weight. The other cats quite like it too I have noticed, so we are now into a whole new regime of feed feed feed.

So thank you all of you for your help and advice. Much appreciated.