You have been very solicitous in your questions after all four but especially you have been asking about Pushkin. In general all four are doing well, but like us all, they are getting fed up with the long dreary winter. They especially hated the cold and snow in November and December, but these grey soggy days of January are not favourite either.

Last week I took Pushkin to Gerard the vet and he got all the results back from the blood tests monitoring P's chronic renal failure. Both his creatinine and urea levels are up and he has lost a little weight. Gerard was not overly concerned as the levels are comparatively small along with the weightloss. The good news is that Pushkin continues to make daily forays outside and is still interested in hunting. It is keeping him eating that is the challenge. So I reckon he still enjoys life. I also asked Gerard to run tests on Titus as I was worried about her, but they came back negative. He thinks she might have had a minor infection but is now recovered and as for Gilly and Fannie, they are doing well and showing no signs of anything, other than in Gilly's case, bouts of boredom and agression when she lets rip at Fannie, with those dreadful stares, but more worryingly she now chases Titus who, wiith her pinned legs and resultant arthritis, finds it hard to get away, so we find large balls of ginger fluff festooned up the stairs.


So thank you all for your thoughts and any suggestions on how I might titillate Pushkin's fading appetite would be very welcome.