Pushkin is doing well. His renal failure is of course there, but his deterioration is slower than I had first feared. He has recently had some lumps and a polyp removed, which proved not to be cancerous and since then he has a renewed interest in life - out harrassing birds, and today he charged at a frog who happily got away,  but it was a joy to see.

Titus, his beloved girlfriend, has lost a bit of weight and I fear the pins in her legs give her gyp, but she soldiers on and is lying next to me as I write this, purring her socks off!  Of the four of them she is the most sedentary and her greatest activitiy is to go out and eat grass and then run inside in order to be sick on the carper rather than the grass. Ole.

Fannie wages world war with Gilly twice a day, and sometimes Gilly attacks Titus which is even more inexcusable as Titus would never hurt a fly, but otherwise all is well. Fannie remains the terror of all mice and voles, but otherwise she is in the peak of health.

Gilly is Gilly. Lover of people and hater of cats and shiny black and noisy. We wouldn't be without her but her slightly antisocial approach to any other feline keeps us all on our toes, excepting only Pushkin, for whom Gilly shows a certain respect.  Pushkin always seems to be astonished by this!

Today all four cats relished the astonishing heatwave, which rocketed up to an amazing 20 degrees which for late September in the Lake District is astonishing and tonight I have not for the first night in ages lit a log fire.   Long may it last!