Magnificent by Marilyn Edwards

"From the instant his fingers touched her back the little cat knew. The boy was someone she would trust. Homeless and hungry, Magnificat is desperate for someone to take her in, so when she sees a kindness in local boy Ben, she is happy to give herself over to him. But a cat isn’t something Ben wants. He’s got enough problems with a prickly relationship with his mum and an absent father – besides, he’s a dog person. He wants an exuberant, loyal, doting companion, not a gentle, self-contained cat. Magnificat might move into his house, but he doubts she’ll ever find a place in his heart ."

A copy of the final draft of Magnificat was also sent to Jacqueline Wilson who read it in its entirety and said:

Marilyn Edwards is the Queen of Cat Stories. Magnificat is her best book yet, a truthful and touching story of a boy and a cat. It's a real page-turner and totally heart-warming., Jacqueline Wilson.

And on the same day that Jacqueline Wilson said that Marilyn also heard back from the Cat Rescue charity Cat Chat who said:

A smashing story, sure to inspire today's readers to become tomorrow’s cat rescuers. Mandy Cotter, Founder of Cat Chat, the Cat Rescue Resource.

Marilyn says: "I am so pleased to say that my second children's book, Magnificat, is now at last finished. And France Bauduin, my brilliant illustrator, has completed all the internal illustrations which are stunning. And I think the jacket is simply gorgeous. Do let me know what you think of it?