We have recently acquired a new small shiny black adorable naughty female addition to the resident gang of three cats at the Old Coach House in Hutton Roof.

She is a five month-old black ?melanistic? Bengal kitten who has disrupted our household like none other that I have ever known. She was born close to Halloween last year, and so we have named her Gilly in memory of Giles who died close to Halloween the year before.

She talks and talks, she retrieves objects to the surprise of the resident felines, who watch aghast at her dog-like behaviour, and trots round the house following everything that Michael and I are doing.

She lies in wait for the other cats and sometimes block their use of the cat litter trays ? she also lies on stairs and jumps out at them, and pounces on them from the other side of doors, she is so naughty and we cannot now imagine life without her.

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