Otto & Septi

On the old cat Septi on first encountering the new female kitten, Otto

From the depths of the cage we all hear a small but distinct 'miaow'. Septi looks as if he has been electrified. On top of the aural assault, he has now picked up the feline scent.

I cannot easily remember the last time I saw a cat with such a cross expression on its face. He looks furious. His mouth is pulled into that small governessy 'o' that cats affect so powerfully, his whisker pads are puffed out and the tabby 'worry' lines above his eyes are even more drawn together. He is seriously put out and showing it!

Later that evening after the kitten has established herself within the cottage, she stirs herself and walks across the room until she is just under the cushion on which Septi is lying; she then lies down in an echo posture of his and looks coyly up at him. To begin with, he ignores her, then he stares down at her. She looks back at him very sweetly, at that moment oblivious to anything or anyone else.

And thus began the beguiling of Septi.